How To Write A Short Story: Vampadon

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Closing the door behind us, Dimitri, Lilly, Serina and I all made our way to Lilly's 5-poster bed and sat down. "Serina, do you have any idea as to what our fathers are discussing?" I asked. " No, but Daddy wasn't overly happy when I insisted I come with him. I couldn't stand being without Lilly a moment longer. I missed her too much. That and your entire family cracks me up." "We really aren't that funny, Serina," Dimitri told her and I nodded in agreement. "Getting back to why your here, do you think it has to do with the Gordanians staging an attack on the Vampire Empire?" Lilly asked, concern all over her face. "Most likely, though I do wish you would call Vampadon, by its proper name. Say it with me. Vam-pa-don. Do you understand,…show more content…
The door opened and in came Mellor and my father. "What have the three of you been discussing?" Father asked. "Vampire Empire," Lilly replied, waiting to get hit with another pillow. "King Mellor, are you here because the Gordanians are attacking Vampadon?" I asked. My father's face fell and he sighed, "Yes, that is why Mellor is here." "We have no idea where or if the Gordanians are planning another attack. We have to be prepared." "Can't we do something to help? King Dario and Queen Rana weren't prepared and now Vampire Empire is under attack. There must be something we can do," Lilly said, worried. "Your mother said the same thing. We are sending aid to Vampadon. King Wolfric and Queen Vivian have done the same and are fighting the Gordanians alongside the Vampadarians. It's an odd sight to see the Werewolves of Silvermoore and the Vampires of Vampadon working together so well, but they are doing what they have too to survive," My father replied. "If I personally can't do anything, then I'm going to go to the forest to think. Maybe I'll be able to think of a way to fend off the Gordanians from Vampadon," I said, looking for an excuse to go find Hunter. "Alright. Go on," My father said, worry all over his
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