How To Write A Story Of The Story

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1005 words It was a chilly morning and all four packs were getting ready for the winter, everybody was helping. Skypaw on the other hand wanted to play instead of training for her exam. Leafpaw her best friend came up behind her, “Hi Skypaw!” said Leafpaw. “Hi Leafpaw,” Skypaw stopped eating and turned to her friend, “Sorry can’t talk I have to go to Mr. Grumps.” “Oh, ok see ya later.”
“Skypaw!” Scarface was walking toward her, “Oh great, what do you want,” She said. Skypaw stared at her mentor. “Skypaw its time for your hunting exam, you’re late!” he said. Skypaw looked at her mentor, then at the ground and said, “So?” Scarface glared at his apprentice, “What were you doing?” he said. “None of your beeswax!” she
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Scarface then called her, “Skypaw come here,” Skypaw went to her mentor, “Yes?” She said. “Skypaw I’m going hunting you need to come with me.” Skypaw didn’t want to go out in the cold, so she said, “No I don’t, you’re not my father! You can’t tell me what to do.” with that she ran off. It was later in the evening when a patrol came back with something in their mouths, Whitetail the alpha went to see what was wrong. A few minutes later Whitetail called her over. “Skypaw please come here,” Skypaw walked over to the alpha and said, “Ya, What do you want?” Whitetail looked at her and said, “Your mentor was killed by a bear, I am terribly sorry for your loss.” Skypaw stared in disbelief at the black lump in the snow, “Scarface!” she said. “No, this can’t be, he’s dead!” She looked at whitetail then at Scarface, her dead mentor. “This is all my fault, if I had gone with him this would have never happened.” tears welled up in her eyes, “I’m sorry if only I was there.” Whitetail looked at Skypaw sadness filled her heart, “Skypaw I will be your new mentor, if that’s ok with you?” Skypaw got up and walked over to whitetail, “Thank you,” she said. “I will be the warrior Scarface wanted me to be.”
A few weeks had gone by since Scarface’s death. Skypaw was on hunting patrol when she heard a branch snap, “Who’s there?” she said. A black shadow cast ahead, Skypaw was about to pounce when all of a sudden, “bon’t wowwy, its only be,” It was her

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