How To Write A Thesis Statement Of Mr Hanlin Thesis

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Can you feel it? I feel it too. The feeling of procrastination, anger, and pain of Mr. Hanlin assigning a new project that most of us feel we can put off, even though it is due in 2 weeks. I feel bad for the poor souls who lose class-time to work on the demon project, a moment of silence for the unfortunate. The idea for today's class was to learn how to write like a high-schooler. This meant Thesis Statements, Formal Language, and Introduction Methods. A Thesis Statement is very useful, even though it is an opinion. It may be debated and provides a layout for your paper. It is not an announcement, and helps the reader understand and navigate through the text. It is a work in progress, but it is whole.

The Thesis Statement is your best friend throughout your piece. If your text goes outside the thesis, just change it! It doesn't mind. The Thesis is nice like that. However, if the text just does not fit in at all, it is "fluff", and needs to be removed.(Not doing so will lead to Mr. Hanlin giving what you "earned" ) Going back to the beginning, Mister Hanlin stated that we are Novice Writers, so naturally we must use Novice Practices. Our Thesis must be in the intro, but can be multiple sentences. (Hooray) A strong thesis is a Strong Paper, so make sure you organize and qualify it.
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Introductions start with Hooks, which can be questions, anecdotes, quotes, facts, and et cetera. Begin as wide as an ocean sea, then settle into an island. These represent your thesis and main idea in your formal writing. As a bonus, in formal writing, you may not use I, We, you, us, contractions, slang, vulgarity, strange formatting, or APA.

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