How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Us Nuclear Energy

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Juan Losada
Objective: To Persuade
Topic: The United States should us nuclear energy.
This is a Fact
The United States produces 41 percent of the world’s Carbon Dioxide contributing to global warming. The burning of fossil fuels are creating a greenhouse effect, heat is trap in our atmosphere and in effect changing our climate, for example the droughts in California is the effect of increase heat due to global warming. Another side effect is Arctic ice melt. Ice the size of Kansas melts every day and the melt has become faster in the last 15 years of research. Artic weather helps predict weather in other parts of the world including hurricanes. Rising temperature endangers many animals that are vital to our ecological system. Plankton, Fish,
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According to Douglas S McGregor in his article "The Use of Nuclear Power Should Be Increase," France, Belgium, Switzerland, and other countries that generate a higher percentage of their electrical output via nuclear power than does the United States have been able to do so without loss of life and without harming the environment. Why should it be any different here?
2. France generates 80 percent of its electricity from nuclear power among other countries than the United States.
B. Air pollution has killed more people than the worst nuclear accident in history (Chernobyl).
1. From the Article of “Nuclear energy Opposing viewpoints online collection”, many experts point out that, despite the accidents at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, nuclear power is still very safe. Indeed, one scientist has noted that the estimated number of deaths that might have resulted from Chernobyl is no greater than the annual number of deaths in the United States caused by air pollution from coal-burning power plants.
2. Scientist have not been able to connect any issues such as genetic mutations, other cancers, or long-term medical effects from the Chernobyl disaster.

Now that you are aware of nuclear safety I will inform you of How Nuclear Power is Clean and renewable
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