How To Write An Epilogue To Lenore

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1. Late one night a very tired man was thinking of his many lost thoughts. Then the man heard a gentle knocking on his door. He then asks if someone is knocking at his door and nothing more.

2. It was a very cold December night, and the fire casts shadows across the floor. He cannot wait for tomorrow to come. Late in the night he read his book trying to find an end to his sorrow of his Lenore.

3. His purple curtains waving and rustling filled him with terror he has never felt in the past. His heart beating louder he asks now if someone is trying to get into his room.

4. He finally gets up the courage to open the door. The man calls out that he was almost napping and that someone unknown comes knocking on his door so gently that it could …show more content…

The man stood staring in the darkness with fear and dreaming of frightening dreams. The silence ended when a word was whispered “Lenore.” He then whispered the word as well and like an echo mumbled back the word “Lenore.”

6. He turned back into his room with fear going through him. Then he heard a tapping that was loud patting. The man decided that there must be something at his window. He decides to investigate to prove to himself it is just wind.

7. He opened the shutters and a raven steps into his room. The bird then rest himself above his door. Above his door is a bust statue symbolizing wisdom and the raven rests himself on top of the statue.

8. He seems somewhat joyed to see the raven. The man actually smiles a little at the appearence of the bird. He wishes to know the birds name. The bird replies with, "Nevermore."

9. He is intrigued by the bird that has just come into his room. He is confused of what to think of the raven.

10. The bird just repeats the word, 'Nevermore." The man uneasy now says to the bird that he will just leave tomorrow. The raven replies with, "Nevermore."

11. He now thinks that the word repeated by the bird was something he picked from a master he probably had. He said that it was a word that his master said very often that the raven picked up before the bird was

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