How To Write An Esfj Essay

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Taking various personality tests and asking family members to define my personality, I would have to agree with what each one had to say. First, I took the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI claims I am an ESFJ. ESFJ’s are the ones who make sure everyone is happy and cared for. They support their friends and family. Also, they are very sociable and conflict avoidant. ESFJ’s has a servant heart and are very selfless. ESFJ’s are ones who try their best to do the right thing. ESFJ’s are supportive and outgoing. ESFJ is absolutely what my personality is. My strengths are that I am loyal, good at connecting with others, I am sensitive, I have a strong sense of duty, and have strong practical skills. I am very loyal, because anyone can come to me and tell me anything and I will not tell others. I have a strong sense of duty because I love to serve others and give back to the community, because I am very blessed. There are a lot of traits that make me great at connecting with others. I am very sociable,…show more content…
According to Richard Step, my top five strengths are faith, purpose, integrity, determination, and risk taking. I am very faithful, because I align my values with the values that are a part of my work place as well as my Christian beliefs. Along with being faithful, I am very purposeful. I like to stay busy and attend any meetings or events that has purpose of me being there. Also, I do not like any slackers. Besides being purposeful, I have a lot of integrity. I stay true to my commitments. I do not like to rush because I value quality. I am a self-starter and require little supervision. As well, I value flawless ethics. Furthermore, I have a lot of determination. I am determined to get things done and improve on the feedback others give me because I value feedback and what others expect from me. Finally, I am a risk taker, because I try new things and don’t worry about the
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