How To Write An Essay About A. G's Death

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The death of A.G was very harmful for my family, specially my mother. A.G was very loved by everyone in our family and his death came as shock for them. He died in an accident when he was young. For a long time it was very difficult for my mother to speak about A.G. She would always cry when she talked about him. After many years she learned that talking about him actually helped her. When I read this saying I felt sadness for my mother. It reminded me of the importance of speaking of our loved ones that have passed away. For many year I saw my mom suffer the lost of A.G in silence, I would purposely avoid the topic so she wouldn’t cry. As I got older my mother started healing that lost by telling me stories about A.G. I understand that there is nothing worse than not speaking of the death. In order to heal, you need to remember and accept your lost.
I think grief manifest itself in weeping, anger, depression, fear and loneliness. In my experience people usually are anger at God or themselves for not being there for the person who has died. I have seen people angry at God for taking their loved ones. For example a person I know died of lung cancer, the family was very angry at God because he didn’t cure her or because He took her too soon. Weeping is the most common way we express our grief. I have
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This entire course was designed to teach us about how out body and mind changes with age. I learned that older adults are predispose to dehydration due to decreased in muscle mass. I also learned about fraility, which is characterized by unplanned weight loss, weakness, and low activity level. Finally, I learned that many diseases have different presentation in older adult for example a symptom if an UTI in an older adult if loss of appetite. This is very different than the symptoms of an UTI in a younger
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