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I waited for what seemed like forever! Finally, I packed my bags for my 2,173.5 mile journey from my small town, Alexander City, Alabama, to the border of California and Nevada. I had a one week stay at the Furnace Creek Resort. I couldn’t believe that I was about witness a week full of lifetime experiences. Death Valley, America’s largest national park, is known for extremes. Death Valley is also North America’s hottest spot, each year recording “deadly” temperatures. On average temperatures are anywhere around 113 degrees fahrenheit, but on July 10, 1913 there was a recorded scorching temperature of 134 degrees fahrenheit. This monster valley is also the driest spot in America only averaging less than 2 inches of rainfall each year. This national park is 3.4 million acres of sand dunes, canyons, valleys, mountains and salt flats. Lastly, this park contains the lowest point on our continent, 234 feet below sea level. Even with all of Death Valley's extremes, the national park gets over one million visitors every year. As, my trip went on I discovered many amazing things about Death Valley and some of its …show more content…

I agree with Desert USA that this is such a special place because “3.3 million miles are covered desert scenery, rare wildlife, complex geology, undisturbed wilderness, and sites of historical interest. Death Valley is so unique because it contains the hottest, driest, and lowest location on this continent.” Almost 550 miles of Death Valley lay under sea level. Not only does Death Valley contain the lowest point in North America there is also a mountain peak over 11,000 feet. The busiest time at this national treasure is spring time. In mid April and early May you can see a variety of wildflowers, that also make Death Valley a treasure. Wildflowers blooming right now are Lupine, Paintbrush, Pincushion and Brittlebush and the newly discovered

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