How To Write An Essay About Going To Six Flags

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It was the Fourth of July and Rebecca decided that she wanted to go to Six Flags with friends to celebrate. She had planned everything out, but had one problem. She had one extra ticket, but has two other friends that wanted to go. She didn’t know what to do so she just kept it to herself until she felt like she had to tell them. It was the day before the trip and she still didn’t tell Bob and Jerry about the problem. Rebecca was very nervous but she knew she had to tell them about the tickets. Rebecca went up to them and said, “ Hey I need to tell y’all some bad news about the trip tomorrow.” “Yea?” Bob and Jerry said with worried looks on their faces. Rebecca said, “Umm, I only have one extra ticket for the trip tomorrow but there are two of you and I really don’t want to have to chose between my two best friends. So can you guys talk about it and decide on which one of you are going?” Rebecca continued, “I’m really…show more content…
Rebecca couldn’t handle it anymore so she decided for them. She said, “Since y’all can’t be mature and decide on who get’s to go, then I’m going to pick for y’all. Bob you're going and Jerry I’m really sorry but I promise you’ll go on another trip with me another time.” Jerry looked at Bob with an evil glare and Bob knew he was up to something bad. Rebecca, Bob, and Joe finally got there and decide to go on the biggest roller coaster there. Jerry secretly sneaks in and follows them up the roller coaster. Jerry was so mad that he couldn’t go because of Bob that he wanted to kill him. Jerry put on a mask and badge and pretended to be working that roller coaster. He unbuckles Bob’s seatbelt and watches them get up to the to the very top. They finally get to the top and Bob notices that his seatbelt wasn’t buckled. They zoomed down and Bob falls out his seat and died as soon as he hit the ground. Jerry looks down and instantly feels
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