How To Write An Essay About Musical Theatre

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Lights...Curtain...Act I Anyone who has seen a musical theatre production has seen the world through new eyes. They have most likely oohed and aahed at the scenery, the bright lights, the simple, yet effective costumes, and of course, the talent of the performers. The way the actors melodic voices carry out over the crowd, the way the choreography emanates their emotions, pouring heart and soul into their role. An audience member at a musical theatre production is whisked away into an alternate universe, where “troubles melt like lemon drops”(Harburg) and where “anything can happen”(Sherman). The troubles of the world fade away, if only for those few hours. To create this alternate universe, metaphorically speaking, is not a simple task, however. Multiple components go into producing a musical, including music, characters, and dialogue. Many people enjoy watching musical theatre, but do they really know how the magic happens? Musical theatre is a genre of drama in which singing and dancing play an essential part. The word “musical” originates from the Latin root, “musica”, of or related to music. The word “theatre” originally comes from the Greek word theasthai, which…show more content…
An ensemble is a group of extra characters who mostly participate in the big musical numbers of the show with energetic singing and dancing. Most plays (without music) have few characters, who play main roles and seldom require an ensemble. In musical theatre, however, an ensemble is used to support the main characters and add to the overall effect of the show. There is power in numbers, power in a song sung by thirty voices instead of one, power in a synchronized dance routine performed by forty dancers instead of one. Having the backup support from the ensemble also releases some stress from the actors playing the lead roles as well. If the ensemble has no energy, the entire show loses energy and
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