How To Write An Essay About Race Wars

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Actions Always Speak Louder
Everyone talks about race wars. Race hate. It makes the nightly news in some way every night. Blacks against Whites. Illegal Mexican’s crossing our borders. Immigration. Deportation. These are political terms. Terms to keep the pot stirred up and our emotions inflamed and pit us against each other.

I’m no military genius but to win a war, you need to know: first, that you are at war, second, who your enemy is, and finally, what strategies you are going to engage to win.

First, we have a race war, but not the one that the media presents. We could only wish it was as clear as black and white. It’s not. The real ‘race’ war comes down two single races throughout the entire world. The ‘race’ of good and evil, right and wrong, decent and
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Until we learn to love one another for who they are instead of who we expect them to be. Until we stop demanding other people change to fit our molds. Until we realize there is plenty of room on the green and blue ball for everyone to live their life as they believe, the ‘race’ wars will continue.

Be the best you can be everyday. Stop letting little things bother you. If something irritates you, stop, and ask yourself, “Will this matter tomorrow?” Or better yet, “Will this matter in 60-minutes?” If the answer is no to either, let it go - be tolerant. Do react or talk negative. It damages you and those around you.

Open mindedness is an important key to success in life. It takes practice, time, energy and patience to master this skill. But, it is more than worth the effort. Our world is vast and while I can’t promise much I can guarantee you that you will meet more than one person during your lifetime that will not share your religious beliefs, values, political views, etc.

They may do things differently than you. In a way that you might disagree with and not understand. The only way you’ll be able to process the difference is by remaining open
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