How To Write An Essay About The War Of 1812

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The War of 1812 was a huge conflict between the Americans and the British. Though it only lasted about two and a half years, the Americans had won many famous battles against their allies and had many achievements. Many Americans had considered this war as the “Second War of Independence” to maintain their freedom from the Britain once and for all. When James Madison became the President in 1809 pressure grew high with the Britain. Many Americans were unhappy with what the Britain did because they were providing supplies and weapons to the Native Americans to attack the Americans on the frontier. Henry Clay of Kentucky and John C. Calhoun of South Carolina were the most powerful nationalists in 1810 and they became the heads of the House of representative. Those who were anxious for war with Britain were with Clay and Calhoun. Americans in New England rejected wanting to go to war with the British because they thought that it would harm the Americans trading with other foreign countries. In the early months 1812, the relationship between New England and the Americans was getting more and more aggressive. During the spring, the United States received a message from Britain saying that they would continue capturing and enslaving American sailors. There were also other new invasions that had occurred on the frontier and with the settlements that were…show more content…
With the support from the British, the Native Americans would easily defend Canada from an American invasion. Many Americans were positive that they would win when they first began the war. It turned out they was wrong, because of Jefferson’s reduction of spending money on the military, it had decreased their power. Their army includes only 16 navy warships and less than 7,000 men. Soon it became obvious that the United States were not ready and probably will lose the
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