How To Write An Essay About The Great Depression

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The Great Depression
Ever thought about the great depression war? The Great depression ware happened in the 1900s when markets didn’t have enough food to stock the shops, it was very stressful so bad to where people started to withdraw money and start to move away to a different city .with that it caused many Americans great depression. At the time, Americans were recovering from the shock of World war 1. The United States had become the strongest, economic power. Economic interest spread and were linked with other nations, especially Europe. That had started a prewar. The twenties had developed into an almost schizophrenic decade because economy grew rapidly and life got quicker. Also in the 1920s, the value of goods and services increased. The people noticed that this was solid proof
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With that it made national income decrease. The weak companies went out of business and the stronger ones were forced to cut back, and lay off many workers. So a lot of people were of a job. With this it worsened the depression of many. This depression affected all industries. Between 1930 and 1932, 5,100 banks had closed and stock prices kept falling. All of this had a devastating effect on most of the Americans. From 1930 to 1933 an average of 75,000 workers lost their jobs every week. This caused panhandlers to fill the streets selling apples and people with no jobs to hold up signs that said “I will do anything for money”.
Banks that were still operating began to foreclose on home and business mortgage. And many were evicted, and so were tenants, who failed to pay their rent, many became homeless. Several, hundred homeless women, Chicago 1931. Food grew scarce for many people, some families survived with little earning survived off of stale bread, and canned vegetables. The unemployed survived on handouts from bread lines and soup kitchens. Middle class however did not go
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