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Zachary Scott

Scott was an American actor born on February 21, 1914 (Austin, TX). He is mostly notable for his roles as villains and “mystery men”. George Washington was his distant cousin. Before joining University of Texas at Austin his aim was to be the doctor like his father. After joining the University of Texas, he wanted to purse his career in acting. He was dropped out of college and send to England to achieve his Stage career. “The Outsider” at England in 1934 was his First arena performance. He moved to New York in 1940 and worked with Theater Guild. He debuted on Broadway in a revival of Ah wilderness in 1941 with small role as a bartender. He has done almost 34 cast (featured
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His face was most recognizable during the Hollywood’s golden age. He has contributed much more to uplift the American filmography. Sharecropper in Jean Renoir’s finest American work, was the most memorable turn in his career.
The change he bought in American filmography is still remarkable. He went on to play with an occasional sympathetic variation through the 1950’s and early 60s. He was a versatile actor as well as he bought the versatility in the American filmography. In his remembrance and for his contribution towards American filmography, today, a thriving community theater named for Zachary Scott at Austin is producing the emerging dramatic talent for the industry. Released on 1962,” It’s only Money” was his final film. “Rainy Night in Newark” was his last stage appearance (1963). In 1964 he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and underwent brain surgery in 1965. He died at the age of 51.
I choose him because as we are talking about the individualistic and traditional political cultures of Texas. As Texas is the diverse State it has the most unique history, In my opinion Mr. Scott is a versatile actor who has diversified the American filmography. He represented the Texas culture all over the United State through his work. So, I choose his as my
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