How To Write An Essay On A Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich

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The book “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” has misery flowing from every nook and cranny, to the point of exhaustion. But how could life really be like this? The answer to that is that the events in this story are disturbingly accurate to real life. From before the beginning of World War II to years following its end, camps known as Gulags existed for prisoners and political criminals. The outstanding characteristics of these camps included extreme weather,
Reisz 2 poor sanitation and medical facilities (if any at all), meager food that was often already spoiled, back breaking labor and guards that would strike a prisoner dead if it struck their fancy. Life in these camps was not easy and left those who survived completely scarred and broken (Gulag). These camps were instituted in the 1930’s and were a massive operation until the death of Stalin in 1953. At that point the number and size of camps were greatly reduced but they continued to operate in that smaller scale until Gorbachev rose to power and put a stop to the injustice (Gulag). Obviously, these camps are compared to to the Nazi concentration camps because they were started around the same time and had similar basic points of emphasis. Anyone that had a different opinion or set of personal beliefs was sent to these camps in an extremely similar way to the concentration camps. They also both showed a similar level of inhuman brutality that could on be carried out by the most heartless people (Gulag). As time went on, there became a
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It gives off a horribly morose tone and made me look differently at life and how lucky I am to live where I do and how I do. I looked in to the overall tone of Russian works in general and found that this was not just a unique characteristic to this story but that it was almost a pandemic among Russian stories, especially from and about
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