How To Write An Essay On Aborting Babies

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Abortion of children with Down Syndrome
In a society where people are aborting babies with a chance of having a disability it is difficult to find what is morally right. Down Syndrome is one of the most common genetic conditions. It causes children to learn their first language and gross motor skills slower and they will grow at a slower rate, but this can change from person to person with some growing and learning faster than others. Doctors and the majority of people suggest children with Down Syndrome will not have a good life and imply that is irresponsible to give birth to such a child. Aborting children with Down Syndrome is an action that cannot be justified by Christian morals.
Ethical Dilemma
Susan, a woman with a successful career, has wanted to have a child for many years and has tried many times. When she finally becomes pregnant her doctors find her child will likely have Down Syndrome and suggest she abort her baby. She is uncomfortable with abortion and goes to Richard, a professor of evolutionary biology, and asks what to do. He tells her that it would be justified to abort the baby because the child would suffer for it’s whole life. He said she must decide this for herself however. He talked
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If Susan wanted to act like a Christian she should be happy that she is finally having the child she always wanted and not look at said child as a burden. Another reason why she should keep the baby is people with Down Syndrome can still be successful in life. Although a survey of women who have been told by their doctors that their child could have Down Syndrome were not told current information “Few doctors offered an up-to-date description of how capable a person with Down syndrome can be” (Whitehead, 2006). Susan be happy to have that child she has wanted in order to start her own family and be glad that God blessed her with a child at
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