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In the documentary Food Chains the main purpose was to inform viewers about the mistreatment that the farmers are facing by being under paid and the sexually harrasment among the immigrant women. In this one and half hour documentary, a group of farmers, from Florida all engage in week long hunger strike at one of the most popular supermarket in Florida; Publix. The reason why the farmers were protesting, was because they wanted a raise, so that they can provide for their families and try to get out of poverty. Sanjay Rawal, who is the film director did a great job by presenting/providing facts and evidence to the audience. He did this by using contextual history, and giving both views of how the farmers deal with basically “slavery”. Rawal showed that even in the worst time, the farmers were still determine to have equal human…show more content…
They talked about how farmers are being paid not by the hour but by how many bucket they fill a day. It shows that if they were to make the same money has the minimum wage they would have to work at least three to four times harder. Rawal provided that an average farm worker makes around $12,000 a year which leads to big corporation like Publix to make billions and billion a year by under paying farmers.The reason Also a recent statitstic shows that 53% of the workers that work on farms are illegal immigrant growers and labor unions put this figure at 70%.
The other main topic was the women who are sexual harrased by coworkers and employers. In the Food Chain documentary it stated the 1 in every 4 women have experienced sexual harassment in a office but the stats have been update and it’s now 1 in every 3. But that’s in the office, in the farm world, 80% of the women who work on a farm have received/experience sexual harassment. In the both of the main topics it provide evidence that farm workers are being
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