How To Write An Essay On Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription drug abuse is a problem in America for various different reasons. There are many people in America whom end up overdosing on prescription drugs. There are numerous amounts of people who grow an addiction of taking their medication longer than prescribed too, and there are very many people who abuse their prescription of medical marijuana or medical prescriptions and start selling it to whom don't need it or overdosing.
Many people in America have overdosed on prescription drugs just by abusing them. Prescription drugs that are prescribed and sold in the United States has quadrupled the years. As a result of over prescribing leads to more abuse in the medication and/or more overdose deaths in America. But, however certain people may still need the medication to live and have a well functioning body but still abuse their prescription by taking more than instructed too and end up overdosing in the process of abuse. Many people in America don't even have to have the medication to be prescribed to them, some people just sell their prescription to random in their in the need of cash or if the other just wants something to make them feel good or relaxed. After just buying one pill, the buyer will the need to have more than just one pill, so they'll grow and addiction and start taking more than one at a time, which will lead to their
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Several people sell their medical marijuana to whom don't need the prescription. Medical marijuana can be safe for people who need it to stimulate the body back to well. Marijuana prescribed by the doctor can be effective for the symptoms for cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and glaucoma. Several people with the prescription have sold their medication for cash and other things. Various amounts of people has sold or gotten rid of their medical marijuana to whom don't need it, because they don't believe it can be
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