How To Write An Essay On The Pillars Of The Earth

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When a person looses their spouse and a kid, the person will be devastated. That is true for most people especially if they loose their family in less than an hour. In the novel The Pillars of the Earth, that is how Tom looses half of his family. After Tom looses his wife and newborn baby, he becomes even more depressed because before he looses them, he struggles to find a job. Tom is also depressed that he cannot fulfill his dream of building a cathedral, but he becomes elated when Philip funds the project. The title The Pillars of the Earth fits the novel because the word pillars means support, and throughout the novel, Tom needs support after loosing his wife and newborn baby, he needs to support the rest of his family, and he needs support for building a cathedral. Tom needs support after loosing his wife and newborn baby because each loss makes him devastated for different reasons. He needs support after loosing his wife because he lost his soul mate. Tom and his wife Agnes were the perfect match before Agnes dies, so Tom has a very good reason to be devastated. Tom’s devastation in shown when he does this action: ‘’He wanted to…show more content…
Tom asks Philip for money because Philip has an over abundance of it, and that is shown when Tom says: “Please give me the money to build a cathedral. I can build the most luxurious one that you will ever see” (Follett 166). Philip is an indulgent person when he knows it for a good reason, and the opportunity to own the best cathedral causes Philip to give Tom the money. Tom also asks Philip for help because Tom needs land to build a cathedral. Tom is too poor to own land, and since Philip can be an indulgent person, he will allow Tom to build the cathedral on his land. Philip is Tom’s best source of support to build a cathedral because Philip has the money and land to build a
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