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To put it easily, Creed is easily a knockout movie. Creed, the seventh chapter in the Rocky Film franchise, adds a new twist to the already loved Rocky films. The film instantly captures your attention within the opening scene of the film showing who the character is, a fighter. Creed directed by Ryan Coogler released on November 25th, 2015. Ryan Coogler did an outstanding job with directing the movie. The fight scenes, especially the last fight scene, had amazing camera techniques. The feeling of being in the ring with the fighters had washed over you. Another one of Coogler’s techniques during the films was a slow motion running scene, which happens to be my favorite scene in the whole movie. The film gives us the right about of action, romance, and family.
Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate child of the famous boxing champion Apollo Creed, never knew his father. After winding up back in a juvenile hall, Apollo’s wife Mary Anne visits adopts him and raises him like her own. Adonis craved to make his own name in the boxing world. Against Mary Ann’s wishes, he moves to Philadelphia to find Rocky Balboa to mentor him. Eventually, Adonis convinces Rocky Balboa to train him. Whilst Adonis boxing career takes off, he meets his downstairs neighbor, Bianca. Bianca becomes Adonis romantic partner
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Jordan has given us a character that you can’t help but root for throughout the film. Michael B. Jordan portrays the main character Adonis Johnson excellently. Jordan gives the character a very human and relatable vibe. Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky Balboa from the Rocky films, had given his character a new definition of a fighter. The chemistry between Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone from the first time they meet in the film gives off a father-son bond that they both very much need in their lives. Bianca, Adonis girlfriend, is progressively going deaf. She’s trying to make it as far as she can in her career in singing before she goes totally
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