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The Pigman, by Paul Zindel, is narrated by John Conlan and Lorraine Jensen, who are two sophomores at Franklin High School. Recently, their unexpected friend Mr. Pignati has died, and they are attempting to tell the story of how they met him, and what happened after. When Lorraine and John first met they were on the bus, and they had become friends by default. John and Lorraine were both outcasts, and did not tend to fit in with a certain group of people. Their lack of interest in both school and other activities draws them towards each other and to two other boys named Dennis and Norton with bad reputations amongst other classmates. The families of John and Lorraine are not accepting of their kids and do not allow them to enjoy their youth or freedom. Because of this, John and Lorraine tend to try to escape from their families. John and Lorraine, along with their two deadbeat friends Dennis and Norton, find themselves playing a game where they call a number attempt to keep them on the phone as long as they can. Lorraine picked a number and started to tell prevarications about how she was from a charity asking for money. She had called Mr. Pignati. He had seemed very nice, but also lonely. At the end of the call he offered to donate them money and told them to pick it up at his house. The next day, John and Lorraine traveled to Mr. Pignati’s house where they seemed very welcome and were comfortable. Mr. Pignati proudly displayed his collection of ceramic pigs to John and Lorraine, and explained that he and his wife Coachetta had began collecting them…show more content…
Pignati excitingly hurries to the primate sections where he meets with his friend Bobo who is a baboon. Mr. Pignati talks to the baboon as though it was a human, and John and Lorraine conclude that this is a result of loneliness. After returning from the zoo, Mr. Pignati’s bond with John and Lorraine seems to become stronger, and they nickname him the Pigman as a result of his pig

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