How To Write An Essay On The Scorch Trials

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The Scorch Trials The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner, is a book about a boy named Thomas and a bunch of other kids that are trying to make their way to the safe haven to get the cure. The book begins with Thomas and the other kids, or Gladers as they were called, waking up in a dorm. This book is a sequel to Maze Runner where they are in an experiment called the maze and when they made it out they ended up here in this dorm, thinking they were safe. But they weren’t. When this kids wake up, they were surprised by zombie like people trying to make their way in to the building. These people were called cranks. They were affected by the flare, which is a disease caused by the sun. None of the Gladers knew what was going on until one of the people running the experiment greets them in the cafeteria and tells them about how this is still part of the experiment and they have to make it through “the scorch” where all the cranks are and they have to get to the safe haven to get the cure. He also tells them that they were also affected with the flare and had two weeks to get the cure or else they too would become cranks. The Gladers get to “the scorch” through a portal and enter in to a large tunnel that was pitch black and filled with traps. When they made it out they began their journey to the safe haven. The Gladers went pretty far before they found themselves in a ravaged town filled with cranks. There was a huge storm so they went into one of the buildings and slept. When they work up they found a group of cranks that…show more content…
I think anyone would love this book/sequel because the book is full of mystery, adventure, and action. There is so much to love about this book and I would definitely suggest it to anyone. It was also very unexpected compared to the last book and after reading the last book I wasn’t sure what would happen but I definitely loved this
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