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In The Book Thief by Markus Zusak we learn about Death, who is someone you wouldn't expect Death to be, our storyteller. He tells us about Liesel, her journey. He tells us about all of her losses, and victories. Most of all he tells us that she is no ordinary person, she is The Book Thief. There are many ways that she is the book thief, but the most obvious way is she steals books, but another way is that “Sometimes people are beautiful, not in looks, just they way they are.” And that is another way she steals, she steals the way you look at life.
We start to meet her in a train, that is where she experiences loss for one of the first times, she loses her brother, and then her mother. The only thing left of them is a book, The Gravedigger's Handbook.She arrives at Himmel Street, Himmel means heaven, which you couldn't really call this street that. Himmel Street is on the outskirts of Munich, where she meets the Hubermann's. The Hubermann’s consisted of Hans, and Rosa Hubermann. Now Rosa taught her the art of saumensch, those who aren't familiar to these words, it can be translated into the word pig. Hans helped her with her nightmare, and soon you
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First stolen book, January 13 1939. Second stolen book April 20 1940, Hitler's birthday. If you think that Liesel plans her book thievery, you would be wrong. She stole her first book from snow, and her second from fire. Her thievery didn't go unnoticed by everyone, especially not by the broken woman. The broken woman was Ilsa Hermann, the mayor's wife. Liesel delivered washing to the mayor’s house, and never spoke to her before, but she knew that Ilsa saw her take that book, and what happened next surprised her. Ilsa lost her son in war, and never really spoke to anyone or came out of the house, but she let Liesel in her house and took her down to her library, she was in
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