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This bus stop isn’t no boring bus stop in this play. For this review Ill be assessing the play “Bus Stop” and what I overall think about it. Play provides a comedic standpoint in which it aims to please the audience. The setting provides a 50’s theme bus stop with a diner. It also provides an idea of how a winter storm brought a bunch people together and how they associated with each other The play definitely had its strengths and weakness which mostly do all things. For this play I focused on how acting, the set, and script itself made this a well play.

The acting was over the top then expected. The actors fitted well with their roles to make a strong play. From earlier in the beginning of the play, one of the waitresses hesitated one of her lines but managed to continue on as cleanly as she could to make as less unnoticeable. Lot of actors provided a lot of character to the roles. For the rich drunken man, he provides a well attachment in his role. For how he used loudness and humorous lines to bring sense of favoritism to his role in the play. The sheriff did well to look and act the part of a small town sheriff. Definitely provided a sense of authority especially when the rancher who trying to force fiancée to force he with him and how the sheriff is intervening to
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You can see the work put into it to provide a convincing 50’s theme diner/bus stop. The details it provided help helped the actor better fit in their roles. The diner tables and diner counter provided place to sit and discuss conflicts such as a runaway fiancée and also always occurring jokes. Although more could be done to make it even more convincing, such as a complete wall around set or fake snow fall in the distance. It still was a satisfying set and parts of it such as the fireplace to provide the environment of the set as a very cold time makes it well done and helps the audience a sense of what it felt like in the the
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