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We Need To Talk About Kevin, is thriller/drama film that depicts a mother's struggle of raising her young son. The movie represents conduct disorder with the son, Kevin, Throughout the movie, it is shown through the mother’s perspective leading up to the events of her son creating a school massacre. A son she never expected to turn out the way he did.
The mother, Eva Khatchadourian, lived a simple life with her husband until he wanted to have a child together. Eva was not too keen on the idea of a child but proceeded to anyways to please her husband. The moment after the baby, Kevin, is born, the expression on her face presents that she is disappointed or dissatisfied. Over the months of Kevin in his infant stages, Eva is stressed and aggravated by Kevin’s crying and wailing throughout the day.
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The only time that Kevin was given treatment was when he was a young child. Kevin was nonverbal and his mother believed him to be autistic. The doctor believed he was perfectly healthy and to “give him more time.” If treatment was given to Kevin throughout his life, there could have been a different outcome. His mother coped with her struggles by leaving the issue alone. His father never noticed issues around the family and only saw his wife as the issue. If they had treatment for Kevin such as therapy then he could have benefited from it.
In conclusion, the movie does display conduct disorder correctly in some aspects but not as a whole. The film seemed to target more of an audience to be frightened and interested of this mental disorder being “dangerous.” Just like some hollywood films, the film was made to grab the interest of the audience by being scared of this Kevin. This film was made for entertainment reasons but I would not see this as a film educate to others on conduct disorder. The only flaw I have found in this movie was Kevin’s upbringing. How his conduct disorder formed is questionable and not clearly
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