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On The Lake The most important place to be for me is on the lake of Forest Lake. Being on the lake fishing relaxes my mind and body, it reminds me of my childhood and all of the numerous moments I’ve had being on the lake, and it also brings me flashbacks from great times I’ve had with family and friends. Some of the most memorable times I’ve had are with my dad and brother, or with my friend Jake.
For an example, back when my brother, Justin, and I were small enough when we could fit in our twelve foot aluminum flat bottom boat, with my Dad. We were fishing in an area that had a lot of trees underwater, and I was working my bait then all of a sudden it felt like I was hung up, but I could still feel tugging from something, so I said, “I
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We got out on the water at 6:30 A.M. and didn’t have any luck the whole day, so we decided to go in to get a bite to eat. When we finished eating we went straight back out to see if we could catch anything for the day. After about an hour, we still didn’t catch anything, and as we started to contemplate about calling it a day; we saw a tremendous amount of disturbance on the other side of the lake. Therefore, I turned the trolling motor to full speed, and sped off in that direction, as we approached the commotion we realized that it was largemouth bass chasing at baitfish called, shad. I steered the boat into the middle of it all, so Jake casted out and as soon as his bait contacted the water instantly, a bass struck his bait, and after that first catch the fun escalated. After 45 minutes we had caught a total of forty seven bass. The importance of being on the lake to me is something that nothing can surpass. Being out there relaxes me and gives me so many memories that I will never forget. It allows me to bond with my friends and family to the point where we will never forget each
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