How To Write An Interview With Mr Batiste

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Mr Batiste,
I had the opportunity to speak with Mrs. Cadwalader last night about a couple of issues that happened this week. I would like to resubmit my request that he be removed from her class. This week she frightened him by not allowing him go to speak with Mr. Batiste and stated. “We can talk alone in the hallway.” “Don’t go.” He went without her permission. He instead spoke with Carol Marshall.
This is the incident as I understand it. The class was told to read a story during class. (I have been reading his Lit stories to him at home so) he opted to do his Lit homework in class and read at home. Mrs. Cadwalader asked why he wasn’t reading. When he tried to tell her, he became extremely embarrassed about his reading. He instead handed him a card from DrAntos-Hogan explaining what CAPD was and how it affects his learning.
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Cadwalader to repeat words for spelling tests and she will not.
*Does not relay a willingness to help.
*Homework is often heavy in a spotty manner.

She demands respect yet she is disrespectful by seemingly mocking the students through sarcasm and “jokes”.
My personal observations from last nights conferences…
Every teacher besides Mrs. Cadwalader has stated that Michael has turned a corner. “He is a model student.” “He wants good grades and works hard to get them.” “ Looks to improve himself by reviewing errors.” “He with will to help other students in a respectful manner”

Mrs. Cadwaladers remarks…He lies about handing in homework. He doesn’t communicate for himself. Her comments were inconsistent with those of the other teachers.
I now understand fully why Michael was afraid to talk to her on Wednesday and instead removed him self.

I would like immediate attention to this matter and restate my request of Michael’s immediate removal from that class. He can take any other teacher. All trust between parent and teacher is also now broken as was earlier between student and teacher.

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