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Organ Transplant Essay
Every 10 minutes, someone is added to the national transplant waiting list and on average, 21 people die each day while waiting for a transplant. (“”)
Before an organ is allocated, all transplant candidates on the waiting list that are incompatible with the donor because of blood type, height, weight and other medical factors are automatically screened from any potential matches. Then, the computer application determines the order that the other candidates will receive offers. According to information from the Organ procurement and transplantation network, Specific criteria must be met in order to find the best match. First is location, Hearts and lungs have less time to be transplanted, so the distance to the donor hospital is always considered first when allocating those organs. Second is the size of the organ. Proper organ size is critical to a successful transplant, which means that children often respond better to child-sized organs. Although pediatric candidates have their own unique scoring system, children essentially are first in line for other children's organs. For each organ that becomes available, the computer program generates a list of potential recipients ranked according to
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There are three types of rejection can occur after receiving an organ transplant: Hyperacute rejection occurs as soon as the donated organ is transplanted. This rarely occurs because transplant doctors make sure to match blood types and check if you have antibodies against the donated organ. Acute rejection occurs at least a few days after the transplant surgery when the body has had time to identify a foreign invader. Chronic rejection is a very gradual type of graft injury that can occur over months or even years after transplantation. (“National Kidney Foundation”) A rejection episode may be reversed if caught
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