How To Write Annotated Bibliography On Domestic Violence Against Women

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Domestic Violence Against Women: A Literature
Amanda J. Grovert
Pacific University
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Grovert, Amanda J. (2008). Domestic Violence Against Women: A Literature Review (Master's thesis, Pacific University). Retrieved from:
Domestic Violence Against Women: A Literature
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I wish I could do more.
In loving memory of Antoinette "Toni" Clark. July 14, 1985 - February 17,2008. ii -------------------------------
This literature review of research in the past 30 years on domestic violence against women focuses on the cycle of violence within abusive relationships, why women so frequently stay in abusive relationships, ' and what is the most helpful in allowing them to leave. Following the review of the liter'ature is a discussion sectiori in which I examine the usefulness of qualitative I~search approaches in studying this t6pic; as well as ~eas which need further Iesearch, such as women in rural and immigrant popUlations; ?]ii~:~ . identifying resources and support in order to leave abusive relationships';:and':dei_l,Iihg . . ... . '.,t; . which community resources are most useful to women who are coping with dornt::::;ni
violence situations. iii L ___ _ _ .
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I ,.
Every year in America, between 1.5 and 3.6 million wonieri are raped or physically,~ssa,ulted by an intimate partner. With mUltiple assaults perindividual, this , adds up to approximately 4 to6 rrrillion intimate ,partner ph)isical and sexual
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