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The most common essay pattern is five-paragraph essay, beginning with introduction that initiate the single main idea, three paragraphs that each contains one supporting reason for the main idea and the conclusion. However, some people still wonder that why they cannot make successful and fascinating essays. Five-paragraph essay does not guarantee full score in SAT and TOEFL writing test. Interesting essay never came from putting words into template such as the five-paragraph pattern. Writing an essay needs more profound attempts and arts of writer. This essay will be divided into 4 parts including the meaning of the essay, the structure of the essay, the SOAPS analysis, the purpose of the writers and tips for writing an essay. Essay,…show more content…
Between body paragraphs, the writer needs to add transition to support a continuity of an essay.
The conclusion, the last part of an essay, can be considered as a water cone that was used to summarize an excessive amount of ideas given in the body paragraphs and introduction by recap the thesis and bring the essay to another level. The conclusion should end with the original thought of the writer that left reader to think about the content of an essay.
Writing an essay, writers need to focus on the main ideas, brainstorm thoughts, look for resources and distill the content. Furthermore, essay writer has to revise and redact their papers including strengthen significant examples and ideas. There was a method that helps a writer easily begin writing an essay called the SOAPS analysis.
The SOAPS analysis is the way that writer analyzing his essay including subject, occasion, audience, purpose and speaker. So many writers avoid this process because they do not know the importance of this approach. For instances, my subject is the way to write an essay. I wanted coming Thai Scholars to read so they are my audiences. As a speaker, I should use the tone between informal and formal to prevent new writers who are reading my essay bored and my purpose is to share my knowledge throughout my experiences. Moreover, we should learn main purposes of essay writers so we can make a pre-understanding of every essay. There are four major purpose of writing an essay including

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