How Tobacco Affects The Human Body Essay

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Tobacco has more than 4000 substances in it. Nicotine is one of these chemicals in tobacco, which makes its user addicted to it. Also, Nicotine can affect the human body by speeding up the nervous system. Smokers feel more energized due to smoking tobacco. When people try to quit smoking, they experience the withdrawal effect. Many health problems are associated with smoking due to the fact that it alters how the body is working. There are about 480,000 deaths related to smoking every year in the United States. Smoking can lead to health problems with the human lungs and heart. Tobacco is against the pharmaceutical stores’ mission to help people’s health. CVS Health’s decision to stop selling tobacco indicates its dedication to human health. Although people find smoking helps them cope with stress, its dangers surpass its benefits.
Tobacco accounts for 40% of the cardiovascular diseases. In the 1960s, legislation have placed a warning regarding cigarette use on front of the packets. Even though a warning label placed on the tobacco packet, young adults would still start smoking. CVS Health has taken a decision to stop selling tobacco in its stores. Therefore, Shalom Jacobovitz (2014) wrote a journal article that supports his belief to stop selling tobacco in pharmaceutical stores. Jacobovitz convinces his audience, primarily the leaders of pharmaceutical chains and also smokers, through the use of ethos, pathos and logos.
Jacobovitz‘s (2014) use of ethos helps convince

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