How Tornadoes Are Formed That We Learned Yesterday? Essay

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1) “Today students we are going to look closer at tornadoes and where they are formed. Who will tell me how tornadoes are formed that we learned yesterday?” answer: tornadoes are formed by a cold front coming from Canada pushing into a warm front from the gulf of Mexico. The cold air pushes the warm air up in a spiral causing a tornado to form. Ask “where do you think tornadoes form the most?” accept answers of all kind and ask the students to explain their thinking by asking why. Call on a few students. “Well, we are going to find out where they form today.” Pass out the graph papers and the chart of tornado numbers to all of the students. 2) “We are going to create a bar graph to take a closer look at the states where tornadoes have formed.” “When we are creating a graph what is the first thing we need to do?” create a title. “What is the second thing we do?” create our labels. “What do we label the side and the bottom of the graph?” Number of tornadoes on the side and name of states on the bottom. “What is next?” then, you fill in the numbers on the side with the state names going across the bottom. Which state should we graph first?” graph seven of the states calling on the students to decide. Make sure the students pick a state with a higher number and a state with a lower number. The students will be coming up to the board and coloring in the correct numbers on the elmo while the teacher walks around to make sure everyone is following along. Looking at this bar

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