How Trade Has A Huge Effect On The Society

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Throughout history trade has been a huge help with the creation of societies. Artifacts have been traded between a large quantity of societies and people, such as the vikings. Trade has been conducted in number of different ways as well. Trade also has a huge effect on how societies today culturally diffuse through the use of trade. In many societies, such as Ghana, Songhai and Mali, trade has played a huge importance in their development. There are also many people that have encourages cultural diffusion throughout the world. Tade can also have an effect on stock markets throughout the world which could change the way trade occurs in the future.
Since the beginning of human history, the use of trade has had a great deal of effect on the societies cultural habits. Many methods have been used to trade between societies. One of the methods societies traded with was by boat. The Vikings were a group of people that traded and fought throughout most of Eastern Europe. The Oseberg Viking ship was a primary example that trade was used by ship long ago. Many of the things they traded may include clothing, tools and pottery.
Even though the Vikings traded mainly through Eastern Europe, trade has occurred in many other places throughout the world. One of these places includes Africa. Many kingdoms such as Ghana, have traded throughout Africa for many decades, along with other societies such as the Mali empire and Songhai empire. These kingdoms have traded with each other throughout
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