How Traditional Clothing Must Be Addressed, Along With Textiles

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When looking to introduce GAP shirts in Turkey for the female market, there are many cultural considerations that must be taken into account. Traditional clothing must be addressed, along with textiles. We believe that these products will be successful due to the popularity of American style within the target market. Also, the styles and materials that the company uses already have some overlap with the type of clothing that is popular in the cities. Although there are many young individuals in the middle and upper class that idealize Western styles, shirts must still be adapted to fit into the environment and religious practices of the country. The GAP branding will remain the same, but other aspects must be changed to accommodate the…show more content…
Turkish business practices and procedures are much different than those in U.S. and other countries, so it is crucial for GAP to be aware of business etiquette before entering this market. For the Turkish, meeting times to discuss business practices are vital. Since religion is particularly important, members are expected to be on time, and to have organized appointments and meetings around the five daily prayer times and holidays. In Turkey, business is a serious matter and is treated very formally. It is important for GAP representatives to greet Turkish members with a firm handshake and engage in small talk when entering into conversation. In the Turkish culture, if a person immediately begins discussing business, rather than getting to know their counterparts, the host may take offense to these actions and consider them rude. Additionally, individuals generally stand close during conversation and do not require as much personal space as other cultures. As a result, it is important for GAP employees, when meeting Turkish colleagues, to never back away from them so that they are not perceived as unfriendly. Further, when going through business processes, the Turkish culture is known for taking longer than most countries in negotiating, so this will
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