How Transmedia Has Worked And Is So Successful

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Transmedia has been a huge part of how Marvel Studios have worked and is so successful(Menard, 2014). Every single movie feels unique, but also it feels like it is part of a bigger universe(Weekend Warrior, 2016). Transmedia have been making the Marvel Studios bigger and more interconnected for almost 10 years(ComicBookCast, 2016). Transmedia has made Marvel Studios able to build the larger world that they have established(ComicBookCast,2016). Transmedia has made watching all Marvel Studios movies worth it, because of the various easter eggs(Menard, 2014). For example, the references that are made is Thor, Iron Man, and The Avengers(Menard, 2014) . In Iron Man 3, they reference how the impact that Thor had on the World, and in the same…show more content…
The themes in Marvel Studios have never been misunderstood or misrepresented in a way that the audience could not comprehended it, even if the scale of realism is on the complete opposite sides of each other(ComicBookCast2, 2016). Examples that will be discussed are Guardians Of The Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Thor.
Guardians Of The Galaxy and Doctor Strange were projected to fail by almost every critic(ComicBookCast2, 2016). Almost everyone had never heard of Guardians Of The Galaxy except the hard core fans of the comics(Weekend Warrior, 2016). Kevin Feige wanted to push the idea of expanded universe and the only way he wanted to do it was Guardians Of The Galaxy(Weekend Warrior, 2016). Guardians Of The Galaxy had a lot of crazy aspect that gets dive into to, but it somehow breaks all expectation and it succeeds far more than it has been(ComicBookCast2, 2014). Guardians Of The Galaxy has extraordinary characters that is relatable, such as Drax and Peter Quill. Drax is trying to avenge his family that was killed by Ronan the Accuser, and Peter Quill regrets not saying goodbye to his mother right before she died(ComicBookCast2, 2014). These two characters have something in common, which is they both have burden placed on their lives(Menard, 2014). They both can’t shake the feeling of what has been done, and they both blame themselves
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