How Truth Was Defined By Medieval Europeans

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Eric Green
British Literature 1st
3 December 2015

How Truth Was Defined By Medieval Europeans
In life majority of people believe telling the truth is the correct way of living. Truth has endured the world throughout time and is seemingly unanswerable to those who do not understand it because this subject appears in every culture. Truth goes along with universal questions such as what is beauty, justice, and power. And love but none have a direct answer because they are all dependent on the culture they are currently being described in. Even within these cultures these questions have different answers because of the various regions; for example medieval Europe had multiple cultures that traversed throughout everywhere and caused truth to be defined by the beliefs of that region. Medieval Europe lasted from the 5th to the 15th century and began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire causing this time to become known as the dark ages because the great civilizations of Rome and Greece had been conquered. Very few people during this time could read or write and because of a lack of knowledge. Medieval Europeans used their superstitious beliefs to explain the world around them. Because of how Medieval Europe was set up the definition of truth was very general compared to smaller civilizations. In the United States today we have fused other cultures’ definitions of truth into our own and thus make our definition of truth divergent from medieval Europe. American
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