How Tv Commercials Influence Consumer Cosmetic Products Purchasing Decisions

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Abstract 2

Chapter One: Introduction and Overview 4 1.1 Research background 4 1.2 Introduction of selected case 6 1.3 Research aim and questions 10 1.4 Methods of the study 11 1.5 Research significances 11 1.6 Thesis structure 12

Chapter Two: Literature Review 12 2.1 Advertising 13 2.1.2 TV commercials 18 2.1.3 Elements of TV commercials 21 2.2 Customer behavior 23 2.2.1 Theoretical foundation 23 2.2.2 Factors influence consumers purchase decision 24 2.3 The relationship between advertising and customer behavior 26 2.3.1 The aspects influencing advertising information 26 2.3.2 Consumer response process: AIDA Model 27 2.3.3 Previous studies related to topic 29 2.3 Summery and hypotheses 31

Chapter Three:
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Each respondent receives a questionnaire package that includes the questionnaire itself, a consent letter and a free gift (SK-II cosmetics samples). And each respondent is asked to fill the questionnaire there and then. All the numerical data from questionnaires are imported in SPSS 18.0, for frequencies, percentages and means.

Grounded research results, the female customers are the main group of investigation (93.97%). The respondent aged 31-45 form the largest age groups (40.96%) while the ones over 60 are the smallest age groups. The monthly income of respondents is range from 3000RMB to 12000 RMB (68.66%). As well, the most respondents have bachelor educational background (45.78%). Overall, SK-II’s TV advertisements on toner products exert a moderate impact on Chinese customers’ decision of purchase (=2.98). Further, relied on AIDA modal, it could be seen that the SK-II TV advertisements influenced Chinese customer the most in the attention stage (=3.64). TV commercial elements also exert moderate influence on Chinese customers’ purchasing decision on SK-II toner products (=3.18). Specifically, SK-II’s product brands have a high impact on Chinese buyers’ toner purchasing decision (=3.18) while the company’s product presenters and persuasive messages in
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