How Two Contrasting Businesses Are Influenced By Stakeholders

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A.P2 Explain how two contrasting businesses are influenced by stakeholders BURGER KING Burger King’s corporate social responsibility strategy recognises the importance of its stakeholders. This recognition is manifested in the company’s programs and strategies that directly address the interests and demands of its most important stakeholder groups. Burger King’s corporate social responsibility activities are based on a set of prioritizations, which are indicated in the company’s stakeholder-driven approach: ‘Food, People, Environment and Corporate Governance.’ Based on such approach, Burger King’s stakeholder groups are as follows, arranged according to significance and priority Burger King considers customers as the top-priority stakeholders. This stakeholder group is interested in quality products and reasonable pricing. Customers are significant because they directly determine the revenues of Burger King in terms of demand and purchases. In response to these interests, Burger King’s corporate social responsibility activities ensure quality products and transparency in communicating with customers. For example, the company publishes detailed nutrition facts regarding its menu items. Based on these considerations, Burger King’s corporate social responsibility activities satisfactorily address the interests of customers as the top stakeholder group. Employees are the second-priority stakeholders in Burger King’s approach to corporate social responsibility. The
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