How Two Stakeholder Groups Within Your Educational Organization Essay

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A. Describe Two Stakeholder Groups in your Educational Organization Our educational institution at Whitehorse High School includes several stakeholder groups. The two stakeholder groups that I would like to wright about are the parents and the teachers. The parents make up the Student Community Counsel (SCC) that helps the principal and faculty make important decisions about school improvement directives, and the overall welfare of their students. Parents in our community want to see their students succeed. They want to see the school improve and their students’ scores to go up on the benchmarks and end of year assessments. The parents also have a huge interest is seeing the school grade improve from an “F” to an “A”. Parents want to see their students get recognized for the successes that they achieve. They want to see their students succeed in academics, athletics, and other interests that their students are pursuing. They have a huge investment in seeing their students have an enjoyable social life. The second stakeholder group as I mentioned above are the teachers or instructors at the school. Teachers want to see students be successful on the benchmark assessments, end of year assessments, and subject area classroom assessments. Teachers want to see students be successful academically, athletically, and in any other interests they are perusing. Teachers want to see students being successful year after year with sustainability. They want to see their
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