How Type 1 Diabetes Changed My Life

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Hurriedly my mom packed me into the car and dashed to the hospital. Nobody knew what was going on, one day I was a sweet seven year old boy and the next I was as rancid as a rotten egg and grumpier than a cat. I don’t quite remember what happened when I got to the hospital because on my way there I lost consciousness. A few hours later I awoke and once again master of my senses. At that moment the doctor came in and told me the bad news. I had a lifelong and challenging disease, known as Type 1 Diabetes. I, a normal seven year old boy, was about to have my life changed forever. At first I didn’t realize how my life was being dramatically altered. I thought that the doctors would give me medicine, like they usually do, and I’ll continue my life as always. However, Diabetes is much more complicated. I was shocked to discover that for the rest of my life I had to receive shots and count these, previously unknown, sugars called Carbohydrates, which determines how big the shot will be. The first major impact Diabetes had on my life was its harsh food limitations. As a child my favorite restaurant was a superb Mexican food joint, Baja Fresh. They had everything, tacos, burritos, nachos, sauces, rice, and much more.…show more content…
Taking shots everyday hurts, luckily I have an amazing tool known as an Insulin Pump. With this I only need to inject myself every three or four days, the only catch is that the shot must remain connected to body during that time frame. The pump also allows me to monitor my blood sugar more effectively. With this tool I am further extending my control upon Diabetes and become an increasingly responsible, independent, young man and expect great things in my future. Through my adventure that continues today I have learned that Diabetes does not control my life, instead it is just a part of
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