How Uniforms Effect Modern Day Society

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Montaya McCloud Mr. Hance A.P Literature 12 December 12, 2014 How Uniforms Effect Modern Day Society Students are often in a position where they are forced to wear whatever they have. In some instances, students cannot afford the uniform attire. In other instances their bodies will make wearing the uniform uncomfortable. There are more negative effects of being forced to wear a uniform. An example is being dressed in clothes that are disliked adds to the lack of comfort a student feels during the school day. In this regard, school officials should reconsider their uniform policies because of its effect on student self-esteem. Furthermore, uniforms extremely affect young adults who are trying to find out their personal identity. School officials who mandate students to conform are forcing them to show little to no individuality. As a result of uniform policies, student self-expression is stifled and stagnated, their natural creative growth is discouraged, and students’ families are forced to incur additional expense, and inadvertently cause student defiance. A student’s appearance affects their everyday life. Uniforms take away creativity, individuality, and originality. Wearing uniforms makes kids have low self-esteem and unhappy to attend school. Extreme Rebellion comes from children wanting to express themselves. Students are not able to show creativity while having rules which tell them how to where there uniforms (Denis). In each education system school district
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