How United States Are Not Regulating Same Sex Marriage Law

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Section I
This paper will examine problem on how states are not regulating same sex marriage law passed in the United States. I will explains certain areas in the united states where the government has yet to fully enforced the law for legalization of same sex marriage since its official decision on June 26, 2015 while in fact many states have done everything in their power to prevent homosexuals from expressing their new constitutional right. In the following I will talk about certain a state and its government official in power trying to get the legislation to reconsider their current decision. I will also speak about 2 court cases which give us the current nationwide act of same sex marriage; Obergefell v. Hodges and United States v. Windsor. Although there are far more cases on the subjects they have had influences that have not had as major contribution as these two cases have had. I will recommend three policies that would help the LGBT community regarding their union right; stricter establishment of enforcing the law, reinforcing the separation of church and state, and educating the community on the benefits of same sex marriage.
Sections II
Problems after June 26, 2015 quickly arose such as government officials encouraging their people that the current law will not change their states policies and have the right refuse to give marriage licenses to homosexual couples as they have always done in the past. Gary gates wrote that “Drawing on information from four [past]…
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