How Universities Differ And What Makes Different Courses More Appealing Than Others?

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How do universities differ and what makes different courses more appealing than others? Universities tend to have more similarities than differences; however there are several reasons as to why one institution will suit an individual more than others. Theoretically students are suffering with homesickness because of a mixture of factors such as, going from one extreme to the other having close relationships to having very little talking/ contact at all because of time constraints or even just not being prepared for the big changes that they make. These factors are likely to happen regardless of which university is chosen however there are many factors that occur than can be helped depending on students choosing carefully where they want to study. Some other factors that tend to be common in students being unhappy at university are being a long way from home, coming from a large or close family that worry constantly, not having much experience being away from home, being at university through pressure of society and expectations of others and simply being faced with challenges for example forming new relationships, living costs, course and accommodation. These factors can all be helped by choosing an appropriate root to higher education and making sensible decisions when choosing an institution. There are many differences as well as there are similarities in one course that can be studied at multiple institutions for example the Primary Teaching leading to Qualified Teacher
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