How University Students Engaging in Paid Employment Affects Their Performance

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Many university students engage in paid employment. Discuss the impact of this on their experience at university and on their performance with particular reference to international students. Examine student visa conditions for working while studying in Australia. Make at least THREE recommendations (financial , wages,"¦"¦"¦. problems) , fully justified, to the Australian Government for an improvement in these conditions. Australian international students are granted as opportunity the ability to incorporate study with work - (up to 40 hours per fortnight) . This , however, may not be as advantageous as though since university is supposed to be the time for education. If students integrate university academic studies with paid employment, they are likely to face a more challenging time than those who absorb themselves in their studies alone, and they are likely to lose out either on job, or in studies, or in both. Success in either demands total dedication to either. This is particularly so in the case of a demanding academic experience where the student is in an advanced course, has to keep up with a challenging curriculum, is in a college with high standards, finds the studies challenging and beyond his level or for many other reasons. The more complex and interdisciplinary the studies (sometimes particularly those that are integrated with practicum too), the more the student needs to devote himself to absorbing them. There are exceptions, however, when a student with
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