How Ups Is The United Parcel Service, Or Ups? Essay

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If you have had a package delivered in the mail recently, there is a significant chance that UPS shipped it. The United Parcel Service, or UPS, is one of America’s largest shipping companies. According to UPS’s fact sheet, in 2015, they shipped 4.7 billion packages and documents (2016). This is more than 18 million packages a day. In order to operate successfully and maintain a profit, UPS uses advanced technology and Information Systems to manage its business. UPS’s use of Radio Frequency Identification, the Delivery information Acquisition Device, and use of datacenters allows UPS to keep its business reliable, profitable, and competitive. In order to understand the expansive information systems that UPS uses, it is important to understand UPS’s background. UPS was founded in 1907, when James E. Casey established the American Messenger Company in Seattle Washington (“Company History”, n.d). Initially, the company focused on delivery for retail stores (“Company History”, n.d). By 1918, the company became one of the largest package delivery services in Seattle (“Company History”, n.d). In 1919, the company began expanding, which resulted in the company changing their name to the United Parcel Service (“Company History”, n.d.). The company began expanding at a rapid rate by buying local package delivery services (“Company History”, n.d.). In 1999, the company became a publicly traded company (“Company History”, n.d.). Currently, UPS operates in more than 220
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