How User Generated Content Can Be Used By Public Libraries

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This paper examines how user generated content can be used by public libraries to provide relevant and innovative services to their customers. It provides insight into currently available technology, its limitations and future trends in user generated content. This paper will survey some of the current research and determine what, if any, technological obstacles encompass public libraries in the Digital Age. Public Libraries in the Digital Age
For public libraries to stay relevant, they must continuously redefine their roles. Staff must expand their knowledge and skillset while dealing with an ever-changing electronic information and technological environment. Libraries find themselves with the daunting task of coping with
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For most librarians, they embrace learning new skills or technology. However, like with all professions, some staff members find change difficult. The library might roll out a new feature on their catalog that makes placing holds easier for patrons. However, if the patron becomes frustrated because staff is inadequately prepared to assist them, it defeats the purpose.

Bernstein (2008) states the following:
Without the service mission and the people who provide that service, the library is nothing more than a warehouse. As service organizations, libraries must adapt, evolve, and change as users continue to learn to use new tools and ways to communicate and receive information. Service is what will allow libraries to not only survive, but also thrive (p. 2).

Statement of the Problem
Public libraries could become irrelevant if they are no longer able to meet the needs of their community. This could happen as a result of ever-changing technology, loss of funding, or ill-prepared staff.

Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to explore how public libraries could use information technology to ensure they remain a vital member of the community they serve while considering a limited budget. This includes examining how social media and open source software could be used to improve customer access to library resources as well as alternative methods for presenting library programming. Literature Review
Current Technological State The expectations of
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