How User Research And Testing Can Help Your Improve Your Recruitment Process

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7 Ways user research and testing can Help Your Improve Your Recruitment Process
Companies and HR professionals have jobs they need to fill to meet their business goals to meet, but the process is broken. There are millions of people still looking for work and jobs openings that are being left unfilled. According to 17th Annual Global CEO Survey conducted by PwC, HR and talent shortages are significant problems. “93% say that they recognise the need to make a change, or are already changing, their strategy for attracting and retaining talent. But there’s still an enormous gulf between intention and action; a staggering 61% of CEOs haven’t yet taken the first step.”
Applying user research and testing methods to recruitment process allows employers to see and hear how potential job seekers view their company, reputation, website, job listings, etc. and identify issues and make improvements. When possible having participants with similar characteristics of that type of candidates the employer is looking for can be very insightful, job seekers in general can point out things that would be helpful (ex. difficulty searching for openings, issues with the online applications, bad links, etc.)
It might be as simple as adding new content- making sure the company’s brand is reflected in the career section of the website, rewriting job descriptions to attract higher quality candidates, or
Or, it may be working with a developer to iron out usability issues with the online application
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