How Using Html5 And Css3 Can Improve A Business

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Web Fundamentals Assessment Connor Morgan Contents Introduction 2 Task 1 2 Wireframes 2 Prototypes 3 Task 2 4 Introduction This report will be for future staff members at Phoenix Studios Design. It is split into two parts, the first part will describe two methods that can be used to improve productivity when designing a new website for a business and I have chosen to talk about wireframes and prototypes. This task will describe the advantages and disadvantages of these methods and how they are used in the design process. The second part of the report will be about how using HTML5 and CSS3 can help improve a business’ competitiveness in the market. This task will show the new features of both of these languages…show more content…
Using a software program could take a while to create because they would require more detail put into them. There are two different types of wireframe: low-fidelity and high-fidelity. Low-fidelity wireframes are created quickly and contain only simple elements such as boxes and some text to show the layout. High-fidelity wireframes include more detail and show more important information. An example of a low-fidelity wireframe is shown below. Wire framing improves productivity because it saves time to allow the designers to make sure they know what they are building and to find out if there any flaws in the design before they create it. If designer decides to skip making a wireframe and gets no feedback for their design, then it could potentially cost a lot of time and money to redesign the final product. However when a wireframe is created, changes can be made in a few minutes, such as the size of the logo or the placement of the menus. They improve navigation changes because they allow clients and users to find out how easy it is to use drop down menus and to find out whether the overall navigation works between the main pages. Wireframes give web designers a clear view of the objectives for the website and the client’s vision of what they want. When meeting with a client and explaining your design and when they have a general idea of what a wireframe is about, it may encourage them to think of ideas to improve the layout and the design. However
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