How Using Html5 And Css3 Can Improve A Business

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Web Fundamentals Assessment

Connor Morgan

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Wireframes 2
Prototypes 3
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This report will be for future staff members at Phoenix Studios Design. It is split into two parts, the first part will describe two methods that can be used to improve productivity when designing a new website for a business and I have chosen to talk about wireframes and prototypes. This task will describe the advantages and disadvantages of these methods and how they are used in the design process. The second part of the report will be about how using HTML5 and CSS3 can help improve a business’ competitiveness in the market. This task will show the new features of both of these languages and how they benefit a business when building web pages.
Task 1
A wireframe is a basic blueprint of how a website would look before all of the elements are completed. Wireframes don’t use any styling or graphics because they are only a blueprint of a website. Instead of using images, they use rectangular boxes where an image would be placed on the page and the size it will be. They only include basic elements of a page such as the header and footer, the logo and the body content. There are no colours used, designers normally grey colour schemes. They can be produced through rough sketches on paper or using software applications such as Mockingbird. Drawing them on paper is easier because it doesn’t take as long and you can redo…
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