How Values Affect Individual and Organizational Behavior

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Part 1: an individual essay on how values affect individual and organizational behavior Values The topic of values has become a plethora item of debate in many areas, particularly in the field of organization behavior. Values can be defined as the basic convictions that a specific mode of conduct or end- state of existence is personally or socially preferable to an opposite and converse mode of conduct or end state of existence (M. Rokeach, 1973). Value predicts various aspects of individual’s actions and ideas. It is a judgmental element where individual defines what is right or wrong, good or bad and desirable based on the values. If an individual’s values in term of their intensity are ranked, we can obtain an individual’s value…show more content…
Boomers were affected by the civil rights and Women's movements, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and Watergate. (Stephan, 2009) Baby Boomers were believed to be "results driven," "plan to stay for long term," and "give maximum effort" (Society of Human Resource Management, 2004). This cohort of worker sees value as a sense of accomplishment and social recognition rank high for them. GenX, experienced the AIDS epidemic, economic uncertainty, and the fall of the Soviet Union. As a result of these experiences, members of this cohort are reported to be independent and less committed to their employing organization. (Beutell & Wittig-Berman, 2008) They value flexibility, life options and the achievement of job satisfaction. (Stephan, 2009) They are also more willingly to trade off their salary to strive the work life balance. They rank true friendship, happiness and pleasure high in RVS. The youngest generation, GenMe, born between 1982 and 1999, grew up during the prosperous time. Members of this generation have been described as "tech savvy," "like informality," "learn quickly," and "embrace diversity." (Society of Human Research Management, 2004). They tend to be social conscious, entrepreneurial and questioning. (Stephan, 2009) According to N.A Hira, this is the most high maintenance workforce in the history of the world. In fact, leading companies have added amenities focusing on work-life balance, relaxation, and
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