How Values And Values Have Affected My Life

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From the beginning of time, ancient philosophers and educators have taught different life developmental skills to aid people as they grow. Those educators often taught students how to develop ethical and moral character. With teaching those characteristics as a foundation they were able to teach students to branch out and understand a deeper meaning of authenticity, virtue and value. All three of these concepts are required to live a meaningful and balanced life in both the physical, mental and spiritual realms. I will be discussing how authenticity, virtue and values have affected my life, along with how they affect my future. Secondly, I will be discussing how these principles have helped guide me through my life. Values, authenticity, and virtues have an effect on a person from the time they were born and as they continue to age. Authenticity almost has a royal name to where it must be respected and bowed to without question. In my book that is exactly how I think of being authentic; it is being real and genuine without any deception. I could not think of a better way to work, communicate, love, or develop any type of relationship with unless they were honest and real. Deception and liars are not people I set out to communicate with. I feel bad for the people who feel that they must deceive or hide who they are because being you is much easier. Authenticity shapes my life because I am able to be genuine when working with others in my work environment. According to
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